Saturday, September 19, 2009 project:

Bonding Filipinos worldwide!

After advocating the use of digital technology and the internet as a media to bond family, people , promote peace and development, environmental awareness, Barangay developmental projects, help raise funds for school organizations, disabled children; after Undersecretary Robert T. Rivera left for the United States leaving behind his show: Pilipinas Ngayon Na! off the air since January; and, after promoting Philippine Juicy Fruits on line to win an award as the 2008 'Most Promising All Female Group Performers' by the Asia Pacific Global Awards in an on line voting, Roy R. Luga went back to pour out his passion on - "Weddings", where it all started.

"Family life starts with a wedding. It is the family, which is the basic institution of our society, our country, and the world per se - it is the very institution that serves as the foundation towards the future of our children and of this nation - and it starts with a wedding ceremony . . . (double click here . . .)

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